Basic physiology of hinduism.

1. Ishwar/Parmatma / Brahman/Parabrahm-Ishwar is one & only one. It is unchanging, infinite, immanent & transcendent reality which is divine ground of all matter, energy, time, space, being & everything beyond in this universe. It is eternal, gender-less, omnipotent, omniscient , omnipresent & indescribable in human language.

2. Vedas- The most sacred texts are Vedas which were revealed to enlightened Rishis. They were recited and transmitted through and unbroken oral tradition, and written many centuries later.

3. Incarnations/Avtaars- God manifests himself in human or other form to liberate souls from the bondage of attachment and cycles of birth.

4. Soul/Atma– The unchanging inner self, is the essence of animate life. The soul is sat(eternally existing), chit(consciousness) and ananda( Bliss). It is independent of body, mind, intellect and ego. In fact it controls them.

5. Karma- The law of cause and effect. One’s actions produce positive or negative results which affect one in present or future lives.

6. Rebirth/ Punarjanama- Due to one’s karmas and the will of God the soul repeatedly takes on another body in the cycle of births and deaths.

7. Murti puja/ Idol worship– Worship the god in the form of Image. This is done for Bhagwan/ devtas. But God is only one as stated in first point.

8. Ahimsa/Non-Violence- Hindus believe in non-violence in Mind, action and speech and feel that God pervades all things, therefore they care for all living things.

9. Four Purusharthas/goals of life- These four endeavors of life are Dharma, artha, kaam and Moksha. The ultimate goal is Moksha means liberation of soul from cycle of births.

10. Varnashrama Dharma/ Duties- It deals with duties and responsibilities of hindus in relation to their varnas ( classes) and ashramas (stages of life). the ashrams are Brahmcharya, Grihasth, Vanprasth and sanyaas.


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